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Adams McWilliams is your dedicated solicitors’ office in North Queensland, offering legal aid to individuals in a variety of situations.


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No matter your case, no matter the claim, when you take a case to court you want to know that you’ve got a lawyer on your side that will fight diligently and make sure your case is presented in the best way possible. With years of experience with Queensland law, working with clients in Mount Isa, Bundaberg, Cairns, and beyond we will work closely with you from your first phone call to the final outcome.

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We appreciate that undertaking legal action can amount to a confusing and stressful experience. Alongside our legal aid, we will endeavour to offer support to you throughout the whole process. Our experienced lawyers will educate themselves on your case and provide legal advice based solely on Queensland Law and recent cases with similarities to yours. 


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In need of legal aid throughout Bundaberg, Cairns, Mount Isa and beyond? Simply check where your nearest office is located, give them a ring and chat to our lawyers about your specific case.

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We are able to answer your questions with a high degree of accuracy as a result of our experience. Contact our staff today by calling (07) 4031 2305, or leaving your information on our online enquiry form found on our contact page.