No Solicitor, irrespective of their experience or knowledge is able to tell you exactly how much your claim will be worth from the outset, however we are able to provide a reasonable estimate based on some basic information that we obtain from you during our initial consultation. The amount you are worth, or the quantum of your claim, is calculated by reference to the evidence we obtain throughout the claims process. We use that evidence to make submissions about how your life is going to be affected in the future and how your injuries are likely to impact on certain aspects of your life, such as your earning capacity and your ability to participate in recreational activities.  Although, we can provide an estimate of how much you are worth during our initial assessment, we have to qualify that estimate pending a full investigation of liability and quantum issues and only after we have completed a full investigation and quantum analysis will we be able to more specifically advise in relation to how much money you are likely to receive for your claim.